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How long does it take for them to ship to like michigan?

Asked by Anonymous

idk she uses really long time to ship stuff

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is chachi even still in i am me lol

Asked by Anonymous

i dont know, i honestly dont think so 

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Can u tell me what size shoud i wear?

Asked by Anonymous

in what doll ? 

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She didn't credit him until after she was called out on it. Even his wife called her out on it, and giving credit doesn't mean he was ok with her using his concept. So how is taking something that isn't yours without permission and try to pass it as your own not stealing?

Asked by Anonymous

lol i never ever said that it was okei ? i just said she credited him, like everyone is making a big deal out of nothing 

01.30.14 0
How do you feel about the whole Chachi stealing Daniel Cloud Campos' concept for her Doritos submission?

Asked by Anonymous

she didnt steal it, she credited him under her video. 

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Is chachi and Brian still close??

Asked by Anonymous

i have no idea, but i dont think so ? 

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leslie's tweets doe lol

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Helloooo is this blog alive?

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I know chachi has the body for it, but why has she been cutting her shirts really short and wearing leggings all the time? (btw, i'm not trying to be mean i'm just curious)

Asked by Anonymous

haha, it’s probably just because it gets really gross and HOT in most dance studios, even the ones with air conditioning. 

but outside of classes, it’s just a new trend, all the female dancers have been going with that look. like ellen kim, etc. 

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What is the picture everyone is talking about?

Asked by Anonymous

There is no specific picture. 

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Is chachi spanish? like her background

Asked by Anonymous

She is full Mexican American. 

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i don't understand why people are hating. chachi is amazing and if she's a slut, then i guess every girl is then. people are just jealous, i mean atleast she's doing something with her life and haters are mad cause their lifes are sad and boring so they decide to hate on a girl who's living her dream. wow - haters need to back off and stop trolling. jealousy will get you nowehere in life.

Asked by flawlessgonzales

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Lol they can post whatever they want its there freaking blog calm your tits...

Asked by iaintevenmad13

thank you

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Why is Chachi still teaching I Should've Kissed You??? She choreographed that more than a year ago. It's not a good reflection of how much she has grown as a dancer/choreographer

Asked by laughloudliveloud-deactivated20

i think it’s her personal favorite piece. also, it’s one that is fairly fun to learn/dance to, and relatable. You also have to think about the age of most the people that take her classes… beginners to intermediates. yes, she has grown, but she probably wants to make sure most of the people that take her classes will be able to challenge themselves but still enjoy themselves. 

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point blank, the term 'slut' shouldn't ever really be used. it's a useless term that only prevents girls from doing what they want. if a girl wants to dress like this, or sleep with these guys, then that's okay! for christ's sake, guys, grow up and quit throwing around your slut-shaming shade. kids can do what they want as long as they're not hurting anyone. she don't need your shit and your ignorant 'slut' shout outs.

Asked by abgron

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